Firework Faith

Series: Genuine Jesus

July 02, 2023 | Pastor Darren DiBartolomeo

Passage: Mark 7:24-30

"Sometimes they don't talk about sin because it makes people feel bad about themselves. It leaves them with a dilemma. 'I can't do anything with my sin.' You can't make yourself be holy. No matter how hard you try - you will always think the wrong thing, you'll always do the wrong thing. That's why we need Him. But if you remove sin as an obstacle, then you don't need Jesus. Jesus came for one thing - to contend with the only thing that would separate us from Him forever - our sin. And when people see His name, they feel shaky, they feel guilty, ashamed. But they shouldn't feel that - they should feel love and value! We die for the ones we love - that's what Jesus did. We're precious to Him."

Genuine Jesus #19

Mark 7:24-30
John 3:16
1 Timothy 2:3-4
Matthew 18:12

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